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After successfully proving his world dominance in activities ranging from drum battles to anchoring the news, Will Farrell has issued a challenge to video gamers far and wide, to raise money for non-profit organizations Cancer for College and DonateGames on Indiegogo.

Bauer Graphics worked alongside Donate Games to produce many of the graphic elements for this campaign including the GameChanger Charity website, video propaganda as well as some additional giveaway items. Bauer called upon the Double Plus team to craft some of the wording, engagement and outreach programs to help get this project ready for prime time.

Days after launching this campaign, Donate Games received word from NVIDIA that they were going to be featured at the Game 24 event that was taking place in just THREE DAYS. We quickly produced some additional assets, like the above video and an onstage keynote presentation, which were created in time for Donate Games’ appearance at the show