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The Bridge of the Goddess half-marathon is a race that starts on the center of the Bridge of the Gods in beautiful Cascade Locks, Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River. Theres nothing else like it which is why Nike chose to design a special edition of the new Pegasus 31 running shoe just for the event. Oh, and, did you happen to see those wings that adorn this shoe? Well, those Goddess wings were designed by none other than Bauer Graphics for this Bridge of the Goddess half-marathon!

Bauer Graphics has been working with both Portland Running Company and Run With Paula Events since 2007 and we simply couldnt ask for better clients. These two organizations thrive on community and customer engagements and their respective owners (Paula and David Harkin) are the nicest people to walk, jog and run in the outdoors of Oregon.

As for the shoe, in all our years of working with teams within Nike, this is the first time our images have ever appeared on an actual piece of footwear! This was a big, big, huge, astronomically large win for us and we have Paula and Nike to thank for making this dream shoe a reality.