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For over 10 years, all sites we’ve built and monitored have used these platforms as they allow us to launch new accounts, manage zones/records/databases, backup, transfer & securely manage files for all of our web properties.

At the end of June, cPanel announced a major change to their license pricing structure. Unfortunately, this means the price of  Bauer’s servers with cPanel/WHM will be slightly increasing from 1st September 2019.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is the web-based control panel installed on the back end of all websites hosted by/with Bauer.

What’s changing?

The cPanel license included with our servers currently allows us to host and mange your site. We will need to add a cPanel/WHM license to your site in the form of a subscription.

cPanel have discontinued unlimited licenses from 1st September 2019.

Instead cPanel have introduced licenses with account limits and prices which scale depending on the number of accounts you have hosted.

How does this impact me?

The new price varies depending on how many accounts you have hosted with us. Most users will see a single $3/mo charge while clients that manage bulk sites with us will get a $3/mo charge per hosted site.

To help reduce the impact on our customers we have put a zero markup on the license price.

When does the new price start?

The new cPanel license prices comes in to effect on the 1st September 2019 and will be included on any invoice drafted from September 2019 onward. Bauer will be covering any 2019 cPanel costs for clients that have pre-paid for their yearly hosting.

A final word

We know reading about prices increase is always disappointing and rest assured we always do our best to shield our customers from the price increases, often at our own expense.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts, including teaming up with other web hosts to try and get cPanel to reconsider changing their prices, the price increases are unavoidable.

We’re unhappy with how cPanel have announced the price changes. However, we still believe cPanel offers a premium product and even after factoring the price increase still offer good value for money.


If you have questions about cPanel’s price changes, or your Ecenica service please feel free to contact us.

cPanel Price Change 2019 FAQ:

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a premium web-based control panel.

What happens if I need more accounts?

Please contact us and we’ll upgrade your license.

Do addon domains count towards the account limit?

No, addon domains do not count towards the cPanel license account limit. You can add multiple addon domains under a single cPanel account.

What happens if I delete accounts and drop to a lower pricing tier?

The new price will be reflected in your next monthly/yearly invoice.

Are there alternatives to cPanel?

Yes there are alternatives to cPanel. However, to date they do not rival cPanel in terms of features, security, ease of use, uptime and speed. We still believe cPanel offers the best control panel at the moment, but we are actively tracking alternatives.