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At Bauer, we are dedicated to advocating for change, promoting anti-racism, and supporting racial equality. What’s happened in the last few weeks have been reminder of the culture of injustice against the Black community that has persisted for too long.

Our team has taken some time over the last few weeks to examine how we have been showing up for our Black community members online and off, and feel silence is not an option. We want to be accountable to you, our community, so we’d like to share some of the steps we’re taking at Bauer to drive change in our organization:

Reviewing our community guidelines and existing Terms & Conditions to ensure our community is protected and our tool is never used to amplify hate speech. Ensuring our team has clear processes in place to take quick action against violations of these Terms & Conditions.

Promoting an equitable workplace for Black employees at all levels. We are bringing in outside consultants to review our team-wide policies and to advise on hiring, retention, and advancement strategies for Black employees and employees from underrepresented groups. We will also provide additional anti-racist, anti-bias, and inclusive leadership training for our team, and ensure team members have safe avenues to report and respond to injustice in the workplace.

Donating to racial justice organizations including Black Lives Matter Global Network, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Equal Justice Initiative and the Center for Policing Equity. We’ll also ensure anti-racist causes are a part of our ongoing giving plans in the future.

Expanding our team’s ongoing education stipends to explicitly include materials that raise awareness of issues surrounding racial injustice, inclusion, and belonging.

Observing Juneteenth as a company paid holiday for our team to spend volunteering in their communities and focusing on reflection, celebration, learning, or any other kind of peaceful anti-racist activism.

This is a long term commitment. Bauer’s mission has always been to support small businesses and help their voices be heard on social media. In order to be successful, we need to be a committed ally in the fight against racism. We will continue to listen, to respond to feedback and to make space for an open dialogue with our team and our community. Promoting anti-racism is all of our responsibilities and it doesn’t stop while we’re at work.

We are proud of our efforts to promote equality and diversity here at Bauer, yet we know we can do so much better. And we will.

Peace and love will always prevail.

– Heather